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Trees in Spain


By Toto

Essex, United Kingdom

Can enyone identify these trees. The picture was taken in Marbella, Spain. There were quite a few of these trees about.



Ahh! we saw some of these in Crete too but we just called them 'upside down' trees! I'm afraid that's doesn't answer your question but they so remind me of happy holidays.

10 Feb, 2009


It's an Araucaria, I believe. Took me ages to Google that one!

10 Feb, 2009


Thanks Greenfingers, how did you manage to google it from only a picture?

10 Feb, 2009


It's araucaria heterophylla, the Norfolk Island pine (in the same family as the Monkey Puzzle). Unfortunately it is not hardy enough to grow in the UK

10 Feb, 2009


I was on Google for over an hour trying to find the answer - on Google you can search 'images' so I typed in 'trees', 'mediterranean trees', 'tree species' and loads of other searches to find it. Glad I (and Google, of course) could help.

11 Feb, 2009


Thanks Andrew and again to you Greenfingers.

11 Feb, 2009


It looks a bit like those fake trees that are really mobile phone masts!! I suppose if you want one that shape you could carefully prune a traditional Xmas tree and remove layers of branches.

11 Feb, 2009


This isn't a tree. It appears to be a bract from a cactus, which one I know not. The cactus is like an aloe but, as yet, I am unable to identify which one.

11 Jul, 2014


It's a Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) tree. It's extremely common here in San Diego, CA. I have a large tree in my front yard.

21 Mar, 2017

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