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By Franny

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone, I bought a water lily plant about six years ago and put it in a tin bath with a couple of Arum lilies and a few goldfish! This past week it flowered for the first time! Whilst I'm delighted I wondered if anybody could tell me is this normal and what can I do to to ensure further flowers?




It looks very healthy - Waterlillies do this sometimes but your pond water seems very dark? they need light is yours in the shade/dark?

21 Aug, 2011


waterlillies will flower in still water as they do not do so well if planted in a pond with moving water ie fountin or waterfall put a small bit of charcoal in to keep water sweet

22 Aug, 2011


Yes Denise it's at the end of the garden in the shade most of the day, I'll find a place to relocate it next year.

Jonbridge, I'll try a piece of charcoal and see what happens!

Thank you both for responding :0)

22 Aug, 2011

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