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Plant ID please.
This is climbing up through my privet hedge. Can anyone ID please? (Picture No 1 and 2)
Picture No3 is a little seedling growing very nearby. Is there a possibility this is the same plant?
I hope it is a keeper, fingers crossed.

Leaves_in_hedge Flower_in_hedge Seedling



Lucky you, it's very pretty. I hope to find out what it is too. I assume those red spurred things are flowers? Maybe it's Tropaeolum speciosum? The leaves look right, not sure about the flowers....

23 Aug, 2011


I thought Tropaeolum too. I'd say the seedling is the same plant too.

23 Aug, 2011


Lucky you! I've been trying to get one established in my garden for the last 3 years.

23 Aug, 2011


Are the flower and leaves connected to the same plant, Scottish? The pictures of the leaves look like Tropaeolum to me, but the flowers are very different.

23 Aug, 2011


Is the flower fully open ? I think it is Tropaeolum Speciosum in profile and not open fully. Whatever it is, it is beautiful.

23 Aug, 2011


Think you are all correct ,both look like tropaeolum which grows well in my garden (Edinburgh).Flowers similiar to nasturtium as its in the same family i think.

23 Aug, 2011


Thanks for your help guys.
It seems that you are all correct. Judging by your comments the flowers haven't opened yet. Will see what happens in a few days.
Bulbaholic it is the same plant. It was too delicate to lift from the hedge to take a better picture.
SBG. I hope it is the same plant. I don't want to try to remove the other from the hedge!
Obijway...why no success?
Dgw...I'm in EH too! What conditions do you have it in?
Beattie and Pimpernel, I'm pleased with it too!

24 Aug, 2011

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