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snail problems


By Turts

huddersfield, west yorkshire, United Kingdom

any good ways of eradicating snails other that physical removal would be much appreciated



Beer traps work , also there is now an organic snail slug pellet. If you build a wildlife pond it will attract frogs, they have quite an appetite for them. Keep ducks they love eating them! Hoe just before a frost and it exposes / kills their eggs. Lay some plastic guttering upside down they will collect underneath this making collection easy Use crushed eggshells as a barrier round tender plants. Nematodes watered on seems to work but is expensive especially for large areas Don't throw them over the hedge they have a homing instinct! LOL

28 Mar, 2008


But throwing them on to a shed roof attracts thrushes who love them too. Plants in pots can be protected by copper tape or vaseline on the outside just below the rim.

29 Mar, 2008


Beer traps work incredibly well - I gave it a go and caught 30 slugs in one cup in one night - I hadn't even realised I had a problem! Get some cheap beer and fill a small plastic cup and bury it up to the rim in the garden - it's as easy as that - and they will come............

29 Mar, 2008


I really like that method - one problem - don't want a drunk Labrador! He would definitely find it and drink it...Ah me, back to slug pellets. I shall investigate the organic ones.

29 Mar, 2008


I'm surprised that Jacque hasn't chimed in about her lovely snail remedy...she has pics on her page of a thrushes breakfast bar...many empty snail shells! Do you have birdhouses or baths in your garden?

30 Mar, 2008


Hi Turts I'm surprised you don't like the 'physical removal' form as it's the job that both my husband and I use and when you think about it snails are so much easier to pickup than slugs!

Normally it's a two man job most evenings I hold a bucket and hubby holds the torch I'm sure our neighbours think we're quite mad but it really is fun and you will be surprised just how many you can catch.

31 Mar, 2008


I read in this weeks Sunday paper that a diluted solution of Zoflora disinfectant sprayed around the affected area should work, and apparently leaves a lovely scented smell too. Woeth a try, eh?

1 Apr, 2008

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