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Stachys Binzantina (?) lamb's ears

I planted these out in April this year, despite putting on plenty of growth flowers have not appeared.
Could this be because they are not getting enough sun or are they biennial?




Your Stachys Byzantina or lambs lugs are usually trouble free ,they flower reliably on poorish soils ,maybe yours are in too rich a soil ?.

4 Sep, 2011


Where they new young plants this year? if so they will flower next year. they look healthy enough.

4 Sep, 2011


It is a nice rich soil Dgw....I dug in manure and compost before I planted it all out!
Yes Sbg, they were just little things in 9cm pots - I will give them til next year to prove themselves then :)

4 Sep, 2011


What kind are they, Scottish? A few varieties rarely bloom, and are grown strictly for their leaves.

6 Sep, 2011


Stachys Byzantina was all that was written on the labels Tug. There is also a pictures of sticky up(don't know technical term, sorry x) purple/lilac flowers stated that bees like.
I bought them to edge the border. Have ripped up 2 already and binned them because I was disappointed at them not flowering but I thought I should find out more before resigning the others to the bin!!

6 Sep, 2011


A little hard to tell, then! Some growers lose track of their variety names, or they are trying to save money on the number of different tags they have printed, so they use generic tags. They may bloom next year. They usually bloom the first year here, but we have a nearly year long growing season for them here.

7 Sep, 2011


I am going to give them til next year, I will move them to a sunnier spot and see if that makes a difference. They didn't cost me much, pennies really so there isn't much lost.
Thanks to you and everyone else for their input. Cheers x

7 Sep, 2011


They do need at least 4 hours of direct sun a day to bloom, in my experience. Good luck on them!

10 Sep, 2011

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