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Acer tree trim up????

Essex, United Kingdom

I was given an acer for Christmas, which I planted in mid February. It has lots of leaf buds on, so fingers crossed it is doing ok.
It has some twiggy 'branches' growing out from low down on the stock, should I cut them back flush with the main body of the stock itself?
Many thanks, Teresa



It shouldn't do it any harm if you're just taking off a few spindley branches, just cut them back to the trunk.

Mine has them too but I'm just going to let the tree do what it wants as the more branches there are the more colour it provides. My acer is the Coral Barked Maple (Sango-kaku).

1 Mar, 2009


I would leave it alone for now. Some acers don't seem to mind but others may start to die back. I have one which I pruned and orange peel fungus got into it and killed some of the branches. Now I make sure I put Arbrex 'Seal and Heal' on the cut ends. Best of Luck!

1 Mar, 2009

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