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monkey puzzle tree - when to plant?

Gateshead, United Kingdom Gb

It is in a pot and was wondering when to plant out?

On plant Araucaria araucana



About now is as good a time as any.

4 Mar, 2009


I love monkey puzzle trees but don't plant it near a path where its going to stab you every time you go near it. I made this mistake!

4 Mar, 2009


These trees can grow into monsters, so you'll need a HUGE garden for a fully grown one!

4 Mar, 2009


as its in a pot any time will do. dig a hole at least twice as big as the pot, mix in leaf mould etc . when you knock the plant out tease the roots loose if they are 'circling' the pot. plant to the same soil root/stem mark on the trunk and backfill. water well and enjoy. they are usually slow growing so it probably wont be a monster in your life time or even those of your kiddies [if you have any]!

4 Mar, 2009

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