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what 's the best time to prune roses,as some say autumn and some say spring,they are as high as our fence which is about 6 ft high,and they are rambling and climbing roses,thank you for any help.



Its best to prune half back autumn to let the air circulate to prevent desease then prune further in spring thats what I do any way.

28 Sep, 2011


I agree with Sixpence. This one used to depend on where you lived in the UK. Autumn in the south and Spring in the north.

I reduce the height of my roses in the autumn to reduce winter damage then prune in the Spring to promote growth, shape, etc.

29 Sep, 2011


Depends on the rose - if its a rambler, they should be done now, in September. For climbers, take off any really long lengths if you must to prevent windrock, and prune properly end of February/beginning of March.

29 Sep, 2011


thank you all for your help,i am going to try what you all have said.thank you once again for your response.

4 Oct, 2011


Your welcome Dannybowman

4 Oct, 2011

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