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I sent for new stock of chrysanths 2years ago.The first year,they were great,last year I got too many of one variety even though I labelled all the cuttings clearly.My friend had too many of one colour as well so we swapped getting all of the original colours back.This year I have got ,again far too many of one colour and only 1 of one colour and none at all of another.Again the cuttings were clearly marked.Can any of you tell me why this is happening and how to stop it happening again ,please.



I hate to tell you this, Rose, but at some point, the labels are getting scrambled. It's easy enough to do, since you have to be somewhat obsessive-compulsive to do every step perfectly. Is someone helping you in the process--cutting, labelling, trimming and dipping, relabelling, planting, relabelling, transplanting, relabelling, etc.?
Another obvious possibility is that there is a high mortality rate in the cuttings that you are starting, but that would show clearly in the early stages of the process.

9 Oct, 2011


I carefully labelled all the plants with great care and even put sticky labels on the pots.I don't really understand what you mean by the high mortality rate.Thanks for trying for me. I appreciate it.

13 Oct, 2011

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