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Helleborus are changing colour to green


By Ualda

London, United Kingdom Gb

They are turnig green so I am wondering if that it's what they do before seeding?

Does anyone know if I have to pinch the flowers with the seeds? And if the answer is yes wI would to like to know why.

On plant Helleborus niger " Christmas Rose




the change of petal colour is an age thing. in the centre of the flower you can see the developing ovary. if you want seed to grow your own leave it alone. if you dont there is no harm in dead heading it as you would any other plant. you wont get a repeat flowering from this plant anyway. its a matter of personal taste and if you want to see what mother nature throws up.

21 Mar, 2009


Thank you Seaburngirl.

23 Mar, 2009

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