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Please can you identify this plant from my garden?


By Afban

London, United Kingdom Gb

Here is another one...This one looks like it's just been left to it's own devices and has grown tall (about 2 ft) without any support and so it flopping forwards. Should it have been kept shorter and if so, when should I cut it down? Is it a flowering plant and if so what will it do and when? Should I allow it to grow tall and is so, support it with a cane? Please can you advise?

Many Thank, Alison




it looks like a penstemon and definitely not a weed. I'd cut it back to about 4-6" and stake it as it grows or use one of those ring supports for it to grow through. flowers will be white/pink/red/lilac/blue and all shades inbetween. some may even be a combination of two colours.

22 Mar, 2009


I too think it is a Pentstemon Good advice.

22 Mar, 2009

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