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Can I cut a cordeline from its base and transplant successfully

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mature cordeline one at 6ft one at 12 ft. too tall in their position. want to move to another



Noooo Pilkington, it will die, at best you should dig it out roots and all,replant, keep watered for a week or so, then keep your fingers crossed :)

22 Mar, 2009


I 'pruned' a Cordeline a few yaers ago becuase it was getting large and out of control - it died and I got a row!!

22 Mar, 2009


i cut one of mine back and it came back with four stems..i cut another one and it died...

22 Mar, 2009


I dug up and transplanted a wee side shoot...and it is looking very sorry for itself.....I should have just bought a new one!!!

22 Mar, 2009

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