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How do I make my pond safe?

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This is a great site, I only discovered it yesterday and I have already solved one mystery. I have a wildlife pond, 2ft 6ins at its deepest. Its surface is, at the moment, alive with tadpoles, while their parents lurk in the depths. I also have a frequently visiting 1 year old grandson. Is it possible to make the pond safe while still being able to clear it of leaves and weed the margins occasionally?



you could try meshing over the top when the lad comes to visit, or place a metal grid over it and remove when you need to work on it.

25 Mar, 2009


look in the back of gardening magazine's you can usually find some idea's there..good luck

25 Mar, 2009


Would it be possible to fence off the area? It neednt look ugly - a nice little white picket fence with a few climbers could look pretty :-)

25 Mar, 2009


Make a wooden frame and stretch Rabbit proof wire netting over it. It could serve a double purpose in Autumn by stopping the pond filling with leaves

25 Mar, 2009

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