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Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone I haven't been on for a while
I am happy to answer any Heuchera questions if you have them.
For those of you who don't know we hold the national collection of Heuchera heucherella & now tiarella.
I have a question for you which Heuchera is your all time favourite?
It's good to be back on goy if only until the end of the month so get firing any questions you have on these fabulous plants
I will try and get a blog on here too soon for you all what shall I blog about?



Welcome back. Heuchera micans, if it exists!

16 Jan, 2012


Hi Vicky I now have 10 and they have all done very well.

How full sun tolerant are they? I grow mine in full sun and they have thrived, but is that because we did not get that much hot sun the last 2 summers! and should I move them to semi shade?
Also when is the best time to divide and how big can I let them get before doing this.

16 Jan, 2012


Hi owdboggy you want a blog on heuchera micans or do you just want to know if it exists?
I cant do a blog on it as I only aquired what is ment to be micans late last year.
I have seen pictures of it and as yet it is just foliage
This year i should know more.
I have been looking for it for years.
I have thought had it a couple of times but when it flowered it turn out to be something else.
Have you seen the picture of it on the Alpine Societies website (it was a few years ago I saw the picture and it looked great) I couldnt get to the bottom of who showed it, or where to loccate one.
Anyway I have one now (I think) so we will see. It is very very weak though so I hope I can nurse it back to health.
They dont have any more where we got this from. It was from a little old green house of old varieties that all had vine weevil.
We have sorted that problem now.
So watch this space... if it does turn out to be micans
and we do manage to save it then in time we will sell some. Its a little way off that yet though.

16 Jan, 2012


Hi Drc726
It sounds like you have the bug lol.
You maybe a heuchera addict!
Hooked on heucheras we call it :)
The sun thing is a good question and its quite easy to answer.
All heucheras are good in partial shade/dapple shade. They are mainly bred from woodland species so this is their natural habitat.
Many of the purple, reds, oranges,browns, and some of the mid greens will grow well in sun even full blown red hot sun.
Others like the yellows and the limes have to have shade or else they will burn up.
There are a few exceptions though such as Heuchera 'Frosted Violet' is a dark purple and really this will burn up if we had a long hot summer.
In your question you dont say what colour yours are or what varieties you have.

The safest way, is to look on our website and check what position they will go in.
Every plant on our website has a full sun/ partial shade/or full shade symbol

Over your heucheras if they are doing well leave them where they are (you could check the website to see if they are in correct position too) and move them if they start to burn up or get brown leaves crispy leaves, or you see from the website that they are completly in wrong postion.

As for division
They raise up out of the ground as they get older and every three years is a good guide as to when they need to be buried a bit deeper (NEVER BURY THE CROWN as this causes rot!) only bury the stems.
This is a great time to take a few babies off the main crown.
Spring time is good for doing this.
We are running a couple of workshops this spring if anyone wants to practise on mine before attacking your own.
See plantagogo for that dates will be coming soon.
hope this helps
happy heuchering X

16 Jan, 2012


Hi Vicky
I'm looking forward to meeting you again but at out East Yorkshire HPS meeting in the near future.
I have an Heuchera from the 1930's that I will be bringing for you to identify. My dad called it Briget's bloom. but dont know if 1 it ever existed or 2 if it is that one if it did exist.

17 Jan, 2012


My favourite is definitely Heuchera Marmalade. I'm wondering if I may have killed of Midnight Rose by burying it a little to deep at the crown. Not sure, but that might have been the problem....

17 Jan, 2012


May I suggest a blog about the newest additions to your collection Vicky? That would be good!

17 Jan, 2012


Thought this list was interesting, especially as the fabled H. micans is not mentioned on it at all.

17 Jan, 2012


Link to the photo of this plant...

I think this is the photo Vicky is speaking about Owdboggy. Lots of flowers hasn't it? :)

17 Jan, 2012


But not if it does not officially exist!

17 Jan, 2012


:) whatever! :)

18 Jan, 2012


Thanks Vicky that was very helpful and yes I guess I am well and truly hooked!

18 Jan, 2012


Karensusan6 and owdboggy

Yes Karen that is the picture I think it is beautiful
Thank you for finding it for me

I think it did exist the question is does it STILL exist

I don't know for sure but I know that the plant I have came from a very old collection.
The plant I am looking for is the plant in that picture,the name at the moment is secondary to me.

As I think most people who want it, are after that plant in the picture.
It does look a little like Huerta canyon duet but not exactly the same.
Once I am sure I have the plant in the picture the next step is DNA then I can tell you what it is maybe. If we dont have DNA for micans we can cross reference with others that are similar
We may never know for sure.
I know many plants are named incorrectly all the time.

I wish the person (mr walker)who entered it would come an talk to me and tell some of the history
I have contacted the alpine society but to no avail?

I do hope I have it here on the nursery
when it is bigger and back to full health I will post a picture.

18 Jan, 2012



I think a blog about new additions would be great I will makes sure I do one this next week :)

18 Jan, 2012


The Heuchera ?micans was in existence in 2009 as I have a picture of it at an AGS show from that year. Wish I could add a picture to this to show you.

18 Jan, 2012

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