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mini daffodils for next April


By Scarlet

south wales, United Kingdom

I want to grow my own flowers for display in my wedding - 18th April 2009 - to keep with a welsh theme, I would like to grow pots of small daffodils/narcissi for the tables, as decoration. - How do I stagger the growth of the bulbs, or will it be impossible to have late flowering blooms?

On plant Narcissus



Hi Scarlet

Have a look at my photos. I have a mine daff called Tete-A-Tete. Only stands a few inches high, but whether you can stagger planting them, I'm afraid i can't help you, but I had some established bulbs in a couple of tubs that I forgot about. I also planted some last autumn and they didn't even flower until the first lot had been deadheaded.

16 Apr, 2008


Thanks, I have heard of Tete-A-Tete, a gardening friend of mine recommeded it too, he suggested putting the bulbs in the salad box of the fridge, until the start of March, and then introduce them to the soil! He also suggested, I ask someone else e.g. a forum, incase someone had been successful! Thanks for the info, by the way your flowers look lovely! x

16 Apr, 2008


May I also suggest that when the new bulbs are in the Garden Centres - from about August/September - you go and read the backs of the packets and they will tell you when the Daffodils are expected to flower. There are some that naturally flower later than others. Then just plant them at the right time! You can get lots of different miniature Narcissi. If you fancy an earlier type, plant it a bit later than recommended - it will flower later! I think that planting in March to flower in April is a bit optimistic.You might end up with pots of small leaf shoots with unopened buds! Tete a Tete is an early one, it is always the first open in my garden - just a warning, you would have to leave planting it until quite a lot later than normal, with the risk of the bulbs trying to shoot - that's why your friend says keep them cool.

16 Apr, 2008


I see you are in South Wales. I am guessing that your climate is quite mild - bear that in mind! Buzzbee - I think you are in the far north, aren't you? So your Narcissi will be later than mine - my Tete a Tetes were finished quite a while ago! I do have some late flower-ers, which are still in bud. I think they are 'Silver Chimes'.

18 Apr, 2008


Have a look at the following on Peter Nyssens website Pencebar, W.P.Milner, Minnow and Elka. On Shipton Bulbs website you will find Elka described as a near mini version of the Welsh Daffodil and also Narcissus Jonquilla. All are said to flower in April. Some are scented. If you do not find what you are looking for there try googling mini daffodils. I do not do internet shopping and cannot tell whether you will be able to access either of these suppliers in person. Maybe members here have experience of them. I know Dobbies were selling both W.P.Milner and Minnow last year. It might be worth contacting one of the suppliers to get advice on when to plant and how many you will need in a pot to make a decent show. I have found from experience that planting bulbs later makes little difference to when they actually flower. They already have the flower locked inside the bulb and once growing conditions are suitable it will produce those flowers. I have to agree that it would be a bit dodgy to try and leave planting the bulbs to only weeks before they are required to flower.

4 Apr, 2015

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