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Blind daffodils - any treatment?

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary

This year a lot of my daffs look as if they are not going to flower. Leaves are quite tall. The oldest ones are in their 3rd year and flowered well for last 2 years. Can it be position or climate? I have a group underneath a large walnut tree and none have flowers. Elsewhere in the garden it's more of a mix, some with some without. Last year was very hot, and it was also a very dry year. I know that they will not flower if the bulbs are not deep enough, but since they flowered before I'm not sure that this would be the problem. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to flower next year, or have they had it once this happens?? All thoughts welcome!!!

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Daffodil bulbs need to build up enough strength after flowering to bloom again the following year. Causes for blindness can be cutting off the leaves rather thn letting them die down (or tying them in knots), congested clumps of bulbs or a dry summer. It sounds like the latter in your case. Given an average rainfall year this year, they should flower again next year but if summer turns dry, give them a few really good soaks to help them (your neighbours will think you've really lost it!)

15 Mar, 2008


You could also give them a feed of blood, fish and bone or general purpose plant food. The poor dears might appreciate it!

15 Mar, 2008


Hi Chris, yes i concur with the others - i have some blind ones this year - but i think due to rubbish quality from T & M, as they were soft when i put them in. but if these are not new bulbs the other possiblity could be that they have become overcrowded if you have'nt split them for a while! i would say best plan of action would be a good feed now - as spritz saggested blood, fish and bone, or i use miracle grow - i find it is the best thing to promote more flowers. and as you are dealing with bulbs proberly easier to get into the bulb while it is still green - as you water it onto the leaves, instead of dig it around the base. i have just given all of mine a dose of MG and it is also important to dead head daffs (if ofcourse you have flowers!) before they go to seed pod - this keeps the energy in the bulb. then as Andrew has said wait for the leaves to turn yellow/brown, unrestricted, then i would dig them all up and replant with plenty of bulb fibre, blood, fish and bone, and more space to grow in the autumn. the other thing to consider is have you planted them deep enough? daffs like depth - at least 2-3 times the length of the bulb down! if they are not deep enough this can also effect the amount and quality of flowers you get! good luck!

16 Mar, 2008


Thanks for all your suggestions about blind daffodils. I will do what I can. I can get regular all purpose flower food (liquid type) here. I've never seen anything resembling blood, fish, bone here (we do know the Hungarian words), but maybe thay have a local name that we do not recognise. Never seen miracle grow either, the imported products here seem to be mainly German. Also they do not have bulb fibre, so I've always used general purpose compost when in pots. Never mind I'll use what we've got.

16 Mar, 2008


Hi Chris,
It's not position as they've performed previously. I agree with the others, particularly Andrewr. But I would give them more time. It may make no difference, but with so many things coming up early this year they may have 'lost the plot' so to speak . Look on the bright side, at least with the foliage coming up you know they haven't been eaten or rotted off!

17 Mar, 2008



17 Mar, 2008


I had plenty of blooms this year from old bulbs and the newer ones I planted in the autumn, but now the garden looks a mess because the high winds we have had have battered all the leaves down.

Should I be removing the stalks before they set seed? I note the comment not to remove the leaves altogether or tie them off, but as it stands, they are leaving no space for tidying up or planting anything else for summer blooming.

I'm considering planting some shrubs including lavender in this bed. It is between a south facing wall and the lawn. Would a choisya thrive in these conditions? It's quite dry and would need some fertliser in the hole for a new shrub


18 Apr, 2008

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