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Hi guys, please help this newbie!
Any advice to stop cats pooping in my vegetable beds?

Thank you!



I had the same problem, i purchased one of those sonic cat scarers ( us human animals don`t hear it ), or my personal favourite.....

Get an old coffee jar, drill the lid with some holes, about a dozen or so, fill the jar with Jeyes Fluid, and bury it with the lid exposed in the area most frequented by the cats, the smell of the fluid deters the cats from `doing there business, as the fluid masks the scent that draws the cats back into the area, they will move on within a week or so, it worked for me ! Or use both methods at once

Hope this helps


7 Apr, 2009


Thanks Paul, that's great, will get some Jeyes this very afternoon.

7 Apr, 2009


we net our veg beds until the plants are a decent size. or you could use old twigs pushed into the ground............steve

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks Steve,
I had net over and the damn thing pooped on the netting, sticky nasty mess, yeek.
I have put in a couple of jars of Jeyes. And I put sticks in too, all the canes I had in the shed, all pointing skywards, fingers crossed...

Appreciate your help.

9 Apr, 2009

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