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I have grown Mistletoe on my apple tree after many years of trying and following the advice from various panel members. Incidently it has taken over twenty years. It doesn't have any berries yet and I'm wondering if that's because it's a male plant or is it because it's imature being only about two seasons old? How old do they have to be before berries appear? Many thanks, Sandra Swerdlow, Cheshire.



Takes about 4 years for berries to be produced - but you do need one male and one female plant - both flower, one provides pollen so the other can berry.

23 Jan, 2012


Oh poor you, does this mean you will have to grow a female one for another 24 years?

23 Jan, 2012


No Cammomile - 4 years if started now. They're so slow growing, only produce two leaf branches a year.

23 Jan, 2012


Perhaps you need to re-introduce some new female mistletoe berries onto your trees? Remove some of the males first - you only need one man, and the berries are the female!! When you have some ripe seeds just squish them into cracks and crevices. Over the years, the problem could have arisen, because only the female mistletoe with the berries was harvested, leaving the male behind. Whenever you harvest female mistletoe, leave a bit behind for the future, with a bit of the male.

25 Jan, 2012

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