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Wood Shavings and Bunny Poo.
My first of many questions here I`m sure,so a quick hello and may I say what an extraodinary and wonderful variety of garden photos and blogs you have all submitted.
My question is this.I have a rabbit that does his buisness
onto wood shavings[pet shop supplied].It is impossible to separate the solids from the shavings and wondered if I were to burn the waste would there be any benefit if I put the remains onto the garden?(I don`t grow vegetables)
I`m aware of wood shavings taking nitrogen from the soil so wondered if this would be an alternative to binning the whole lot,which seems a shame.
Many thanks.



i think it would be ok if its not to much to often depending on what your growing . your better of getting chicken manure or composting it realy . im not posative but im sure someone will know for sure .

25 Jan, 2012


Hello fidget ... I have a house/garden bunny, and all his wood shavings go on my compost. The ammonia helps to break it down. Also, composting anything will generally deplete nitrogen. If you grow any of the bean family, when you pull them up you may notice lots of nodules on the roots, these are very nitrogen rich, so add them straight into the compost. A chicken or horse manure and or other fertilizer will also compensate for loss of nitrogen during composting. As Noseypotter says, it depends really on what you are growing ... less nitrogen is needed for root crops, and onions require very little, but more for beans, peas, salads etc and of course herbaceous borders like nitrogen.

25 Jan, 2012


Thanks for replying.
I don`t grow veggies ,my garden is all herbacious really.
I just wondered if I burnt the wood shavings which held the rabbit droppings and wee, would there be any real benefit in putting the ash which was left over onto the garden.I don`t know if their would be any nutrients left in the burnt poo.
Unfortunately I haven`t got a compost(or a greenhouse..sob) I should be more determined to at least find a bit of space for a small compost bin.
Thanks again.
Oh, really are a talent.Fantastic bits of artwork in your gallery.

25 Jan, 2012


Hi Fidget doubt there would be much left of use to the soil once you had burnt the wood shavings and droppings, it could also smell pretty unpleasant! Do you have a bin for garden and food waste from the council? If so put it in there or buy a compost bin to compost garden waste.

25 Jan, 2012


I put our bunny waste into the compost bins and mix it regularly with other pant aterial. the wood shavings dont break down fully but 6 months down the line it is a good soil conditioner and doesnt smell.

25 Jan, 2012


Hi Moon Grower.I do have a bin which I use,there`s no problem there.I will invest in a compost bin.It just seems a shame to throw away the material and wanted to put it to use in a positive way.Cheers.

25 Jan, 2012


apserlutly fidget .

26 Jan, 2012

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