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My seeds(lupins & Pennisetum) germinated in 3 days, are they ok?


By Puddles

London, United Kingdom Gb

I am new to seeds so was very surprised when I sowed some Lupins (Russell mixed) for my neighbour and they appeared within 3 days (they are are now 4cm tall, after 2 weeks). On the packet it says they will take 21 - 28 days. I then sowed some Pennisetum and annual poppy seeds and they did the same thing. I sowed them in small trays and some in pots using a mixture of multipurpose and John Innes No 1 - is this ok? A lady in a shop said the John Innes No 1 was for seeds, but when I got home and read the packet it says it's for cuttings and potting on seedlings? The seedlings look ok, apart from the poppies which are all flopping over. Can anyone help?



dont complain. they just germinated faster coz of the warmth. They will be fine in the ji no 1. when they get 2/4 full leaves pot them up into individual pots with ji no1 or any other propriety compost.
the poppies do that naturally so dont worry. adjust them to cooler temperatures before planting them out though.

8 Apr, 2009


Your seeds are fine, your lucky getting Pennisetum to germinate in 3 days !!!!, im on my second sowing since January and they have just appeared in 4 days so all is well, as for the compost most seedlings are undemanding, as long as they are regularly watered they will be fine, keep in mind tho that most composts only feed young plants for about a maximum of 6 weeks - after that they will need repotted into something with more nutrients.

Hope this helps....


8 Apr, 2009


Thanks for your advice, that has really cheered me up! These are my first 'proper' seeds (I've grown sunflowers before), I thought there was something wrong with them or that I'd used the wrong compost. I will take your advice about potting them on and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again.

9 Apr, 2009

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