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I'm wanting to create a rockery , there is already some soil but it doesn't look too good should I add top soil and compost or just top soil, not sure at all?

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Rock garden plants generally do not need or want a rich soil. They tend to get too big and short lived on a rich diet. What you should be adding is 5mm grit. My favourite soil is, by volume, 1 part garden soil (preferably sterilised, but obviously if you are taking it from the garden it won't be) 1 part peat free seed compost or fine grade composted bark and 1 part 5mm grit. The grit really should be crushed granite rather than limestone.

28 Jan, 2012


I agree with Owdb. rockery plants do not want a rich soil, they grow in poor impoverished soils and shattered screes in their native habitat.

28 Jan, 2012


Nikki, sometimes people think a rock garden is the same as a rockery and they're not.

A rockery, as explained above, needs no or thin impoverished soil.
A rock garden - where you might plant hebes, conifers etc. - is a completely different animal and would need the soil you have in the rest of the garden.

A rockery will need decent amounts of sun and be VERY well drained.
A rock garden can be any aspect and free draining isn't particularly important.

28 Jan, 2012


I have a rock garden in my front garden Large rocks and crushed plum slate .

And the plants grow well.

Not in bloom just now covered in frost I shall post a photo later.

28 Jan, 2012


Strangely the plants mentioned by Louise all do better in well drained, not too rich a soil.

28 Jan, 2012


I agree Owdb.

28 Jan, 2012


Hey ho !
I see them in peoples rock gardens with earth up to their ears !

29 Jan, 2012


Doesn't mean it is the best habitat for them.

29 Jan, 2012



4 Feb, 2012

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