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How to make DIY-giant plant pot using cement/concrete?


By Shapla

W yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,can anyone advise me What the ratio of cement and sand do i need to make my giant concrete planter.Its gonna be the shape of an oval URN.I am using big bin and mesh wire also polithyne for mould.what else do i need?Thanks.Shapla



Geoff Hamilton, the TV gardenere of the 1990's, used a material he called Hypertufa. If you Google 'Hypertufa Planters' you may get some ideas to help you with your project.

14 Apr, 2009

Try the above link- Please let growson You know about your results-maybe with a few pics. The project sounds very interesting as I fancy this myself. Large planters are very expensive so this would make sense......hmmmmm...

14 Apr, 2009

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