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please help to identify

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

i saw these in our local plant shop today and thought they were lovely. there was no identity card or care instructions with them when i got them home. does anybody now what it is?




Its a Bromeliad, indoor plant in this country i think, i would take it indoors till weather warms up! Or a frost free place otherwise you might lose it.

14 Apr, 2009


thats great thank you. i will bring it back in. thought itb was an outside plant as the shop had them with all the outdoor plants and they were being displayed outside. that will teach me to buy plants without care instructions on.

14 Apr, 2009


Well the shop should have put instructions on!!

They also like to be watered with rainwater if possible and put some in the red flower (not really a flower leaf bracts!!)
You could put it outside in the summer

14 Apr, 2009


i will be telling them when i go next. they will look lovely indoors really add some colour. thanks for all your help

14 Apr, 2009


Hi Nstressful. Bromeliad it is. But they are also called Guzmania, so take your pick.

15 Apr, 2009

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