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I have now had the 3 really tall conifers at the back of my garden felled - I know the soil there at present is really dry and of course nothing would grow really but should I now dig in some bags of topsoil or would multi purpose compost be best. The conifers although I hated them did give me a screen so would now like to grow some nice along the back of my garden fairly quickly any suggestions. Thanks in advance



Rather than topsoil or multi purpose compost, get in some supplies of humus rich material and dig it in. The soil conditioning compost from the garden centre will do, or composted animal manure, garden compost, leaf mould, anything like that. Multi purpose won't increase the fertility of the soil, nor will topsoil.

7 Mar, 2012


Thanks Bamboo very helpful - I had them removed today and of course although all the branches etc have been taken away over the years the ground is covered with brown bits dead conifer bits like All Bran - do you think I should try to get rid of a lot of this before putting the soil conditioning compost down

7 Mar, 2012


I would - use a plastic lawn rake if you've got one, will scrape up the bits without taking soil as well. Then dig over afterwards, incorporating the compost.

7 Mar, 2012


After having the trees felled the ideal solution would be to have the tree stumps and roots ground out and in doing so the surrounding soil would be effectively rotavated by the stump grinder.

7 Mar, 2012


Thanks everybody

7 Mar, 2012


you could put up 6` trellis once youve done whats said above and grow some nice climbers .

8 Mar, 2012


Yes am planning to do that - am looking forward to getting stuck into that area of the garden - thanks everyone

9 Mar, 2012


your more than welcome .

10 Mar, 2012

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