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The picture you have posted as Mrs. P.D. Williams, to me looks like Mrs. Tom Lowinsky..... The Flair on Mrs P.D. Williams is more compact and not so rounded at the top.... any ideas??? I got my Mrs. PD Williams back in 1980 from a lady who imported a lot of plants (this among them) from England in the late 1940-50"s. My Neighbor had Mrs. Tom Lowinsky and they were nothing alike except that they both had a flair.... Tom being more lavender in bud.... Williams being more pink and the flair totally different.... just a thought. Love what you have posted.

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I don't know the picture you're referring to, nor which member posted it. I also can't say whether its wrongly named or not, not knowing enough about rhododendrons to comment on the detail of flower form. You may well be right about the names though - it's certainly not uncommon for plants to be labelled incorrectly when sold.

11 Mar, 2012

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