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I have had a lovely show of snow-drops in my new garden what shall i do now they are over?
Also can you name this Clematus please?

Img_0706 Img_0707



Looks like Clematis armandii. You don't have to do anything with the snowdrops, just leave them be.

17 Mar, 2012


Don't know the clematis, but leave you snowdrops to die back now, leaves as well. Give them a feed and that will help the bulb for next year.
Someone will know this clematis.

17 Mar, 2012


Sorry, Bamboo, we crossed again!

17 Mar, 2012


Yes I'd go with armandii too, its a lovely clematis.

I just leave the snowdrops to die back. in about 6 weeks the leaves will die off and you can remve them. A feed is a good idea too as Ojb suggests.

17 Mar, 2012


thanks for all your help!!

18 Mar, 2012

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