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Buxus sempervirens
I have a topiary 'cone' and I would ideally like to reduce the height (currently around 60cm) and turn it into more of a ball shape - can I just reduce the height then keep it clipped until it reforms a ball shape?
This will obviously mean cutting into old wood - will it regrow from old wood? If this is possible can I do it now or later in the year?
You can see it here in the picture to the left, it has been stuck in this container for the last 3 years and I would really like to put it in the garden but a ball shape would be my preference. Thank you




If it were mine scottish i would wait untill the new growth appeared, should'nt be long, before i started to shape it, i have 4 in pots to trim into balls, they were dug up from the gravel area and they are a good size (a lot to take off) but im hanging on a couple of weeks..Im no expert and im sure someone will come along and disagree with me lol but i would say yes, reshaping it into a ball is do'able i just think you need more width which the new growth will provide..Dee..

24 Mar, 2012


Thank you Dee...I will have patience :)

25 Mar, 2012


I would just keep the pointed one, and then start with a new one, thinking sphere shape right from the start. It could be difficult to go from cone to sphere. Once the wood is cut, it's up to chance, how it will grow and take shape. Good Luck

21 Apr, 2012


Wells....thanks for your input. I did exactly that and bought a new one!! I have still to find a place for the taller one - but my thinking cap is on :)

22 Apr, 2012


Am so glad you did this. The pointy one looks so happy in the its pot. Perfect proportion. Do not cut, or fertilize too much if you want to keep small. Water only when needed!Wells

25 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the tip Wells. I do like it in its pot so may not bother moving it out! I have another plant this size and done a wee bit experimental topiary on it last year. I have to admit its looking not too bad!!

25 Apr, 2012

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