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I work at a community centre, which has a nursery for children under 5. The team would like to have some plants to make their garden area nicer, but the plants must be both toddler resistant and 'child safe' in that they mustn't cut, scratch, skewer or po

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As above. I need safe colourfull flowers/herbs (ready for May) that are safe to toddlers



sounds like a sunflower competition to me , this not only shows them the plants but takes them through planting ,repotting ,watering etc , this will also keep their attention as sunflowers grow so quickly , dont know if this is practical in the community centre just an idea.

22 Apr, 2009



she counts the leaves everyday and we find and draw pictures of sunflowers and when we go for walks we try to spot them too

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22 Apr, 2009


Okay I think you guys have misunderstood the question which is, if I understood correctly, flowers to grow to make the garden look nicer for the children - not flowers for the children to grow (correct me if I'm wrong Susan) If I've got it right then: aubretia, french and african marigolds, pansies, in fact just about all bedding plants...

If I'm wrong and you want something for the children to grow sunflowers are an option but pot marigolds are also fun and less prone to wind damage, seeds are nice and big for the wee ones to handle and the plant flowers at a level with the child.

22 Apr, 2009


oops i certainly didnt read it properly.. sorry
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22 Apr, 2009


I agree with Moongrower, Sunflowers will not be ready in May. Her suggestions are quite sound.

22 Apr, 2009


ye reading the question before answering theres an idea! sorry susan

still think its a good idea . . . just need the right question hee hee

22 Apr, 2009


hey Doc/Moongrower . If I put up a couple of good answers I wonder if we could find questions to match?

22 Apr, 2009


hehe that would be good Im sure theres a game show does that...
x x

22 Apr, 2009


Coo! glad I'm not the only one having senior moments.

22 Apr, 2009


I'd definitely get the children involved in growing at least some of the plants for their garden. Why miss such a great opportunity. I'd also include a few easy-to-grow veggies, such as broad beans, climbing beans, courgettes, etc. Also, type "poisonous plants" into the search box at the top right of this page to get loads of interesting info from around GOY. :-)

26 Apr, 2009

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