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Is this a malus and if so can you tell me which one? We have lost its label! It is slow growing and not very tall.




Yes the blossom looks like crab apple (Malus) , sorry I dont know the variety.

13 Apr, 2012


Do any of these names ring a bell - Malus 'Profusion' , Malus 'Eleyi', M. 'lemoinei' or M. purpurea. They are all popular varieties of the red flowered, copper foliage and red fruited crab apple.

14 Apr, 2012


If the branches aren't thorny, and the foliage, when it appears, is purple/brown, its Malus. If its thorny and the foliage is green, Crataegus, possibly Paul's Scarlet.

14 Apr, 2012


Bamboo, thank you very much for the answer you gave me. Yes it does have purple/brown leaves and no it isn't thorny so it must be Malus after all! Who needs labels now I have met all of you?!! x

14 Apr, 2012


Thanks also to Scotsgran and I shall look up all the names you suggested to check again. x

14 Apr, 2012

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