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By Jenfren

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, have just been to a plant sale in aid of local church. Bought hostas,poppies,pinks,foxgloves and sweet williams. Total spend £6 bargain or what ? Well worth going to local sales, and helps a cause at the same time. not really a question except how much can you pack in before you have to stop.



well done for supporting these sales. In the past I have bought some wonderful plants too.
I do 2-4 village sales a year in our local village. The table costs £10 and that goes to the village hall funds. and then half of the plant sales goes to our local hospice. I now have regulars who ask me to deliver bags of plants to their homes as they cant carry every thing.

I enjoy growing and it helps the village and the hospice.

19 Apr, 2012


Yes they are good. We have one in our village on the 4th May in aid of the hospice. I have bagged many a bargain but really mustn't buy too much this year as space is limited.

19 Apr, 2012


well girls i would just like to say well done.i think it is very nice when people help out good causes such as these keep it up.the trouble is nowadays is some people only think about themself.and no im not being sarky before anyone asks.good luck always.

19 Apr, 2012


thanks Kenny. there are some fantastic plants being propagated and many older varieties that may be lost from records and breeding programs. So remember that 'old' plant that has been growing in that seculded corner for 20 odd years may be a genetic treasure.

23 Apr, 2012

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