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I have a horse chestnut tree in a tub outside. It was planted from a conker that had sprouted and is doing very well. It's now about 4 years old and I'm wondering if I should pot it on to a bigger pot or find a suitable place to plant it. It's about six feet high but the pot is only 12-14 inches across. This spring it has produced it's first flower. Advice please! Many thanks



Find a suitable place to plant it - but only if you have a very large garden. These trees get very large indeed, if they do not succumb to any of the 3 diseases/pests currently afflicting them.

23 Apr, 2012


You could consider "bonsaing" it then keep it at about the size it is now if that size suits you!

23 Apr, 2012


Is there a place locally that you could plant it? I live near a park and woodland where I put trees that are too big. The kids like gathering seeds and seeing them sprout. 6 ft is a bit much. The problem is you are not going to be able to keep it happy in a pot for much longer and its need for water will outweigh what you can add and feed it, even if it is sentimental. I think it is too late to 'bonsai' as ideally you do that from year 1-2 and it sounds like it is tall and thin and not small and bushy.

23 Apr, 2012


The woodland trust are planting up jubilee woods all overthe country maybe they would like your tree,
they do grow quickly when planted out, the one I brought here 20 years ago was as tall as I can,t even hug it!

23 Apr, 2012


any tree is realy going to be happiest out of a pot and so are most plants as there a human invention that some plants deal with better than others .i like pamg`s idea as conkers thow not good for us are good munchies for deer,squirrels etc .

23 Apr, 2012

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