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Pests in a mature pear tree

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a mature pear tree which is no longer productive and I have given it a radical pruning last winter. Although I have winter washed the tree, the new leaves seem to be infected by small bugs in the leaves themselves. They appear like multiple little dots in the new leaves. How do they get there and is there anything I can do to cleanse the tree or do I have to get rid of it altogether? All fruit from the tree for the last few years has been cankered and inedible.



Well Bill pears often affected by a range of things from the treatment you have already given and your description of leaves and fruit my best guess would be Codling Moth .

The multiple dots in new leaves could be eggs and the little so and sos feed off the fruit and then wriggle down the trunk to over winter so pruning and washing ineffective.

There are sprays available of course and even a Codling moth monitor that is completely chemical free.If you search under Codling moth it will give you details of various treatments and of course the opportunity to confirm whether this is indeed the cause. Good luck.

28 Apr, 2009

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