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Will my pots be ok on the patio under ond of those clear tunnel things to harden off? its going to be a pain bringing them in and out all the time! And what about the sunflowers and lilies-out or under cover? thanks everyone :-)

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I don't know because you haven't said what all the plants are - the basic rules are, if your plants are half hardy annuals such as petunias or summer bedding, then they need to be kept under cover or somewhere completely frost free until the end of May. If they're hardy annuals, then you need to harden them off gradually if you started them off indoors or under cover, and that means putting them out for extending periods during the day over about a week or 10 days until they're out all night.
Lilies,unless you've bought non hardy ones, are hardy plants, but you will need to harden them off if they were started indoors and there's foliage present.

16 May, 2012


Thanks bamboo, well, in that 1st photo there are lupins, morning glory, the pinkweeds i grew by mistake and quite a few of the same ones im unsure of. So if i just put them all in a mini greenhouse and open it in the day would that solve the issue of hardening them off or would i still need to take them in at night? :-)

16 May, 2012


If your greenhouse remains frost free overnight, then that'll be okay.
I'm wondering what pinkweed is though...

17 May, 2012


oh good thats settled then! pinkweeds-i just saw on wikipedia that was another name for persicaria, i magically grew some in the propagator thinking they were something that was actually supposed to be in the packet! but im going to keep them im just proud of actually growing things! haha! :)

17 May, 2012


Nothing wrong with Persicaria, a useful plant;-)

17 May, 2012


Useful? ooh how? :)

17 May, 2012


Because its hardy, remains evergreen unless its a bad winter, so doesn't disappear completely under the ground (always useful), shorter varieties make good groundcover and will flower in shady conditions, needing only a little sun. Flowers better in full sun though, of course.

18 May, 2012


ahh! great ive got just the place to put them then. thanks bamboo! great advice :)

19 May, 2012

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