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morning all! just wondering what to do with the gladioli shoots i have in pots outside? i thought theyd have a better start in pots as the birds kept digging up the ones in the ground. how big shud i let them get before i put them in the ground? thanks everyone! :-)




I've never had a problem with birds attacking my gladdies, so haven't started them off in pots myself. Yours have got going now and you don't want them to get too big for the pots they're in now. If they were mine I'd plant them out where you want them now. Or you could hedge your bets and plant up some now and some later?

17 May, 2012


The only way birds could get at Gladiolus in the ground is if you are planting them too shallow. When I used to grow them I planted them at least 3 inches deep (that is 3 inches of soil above the top of the corm). It would have taken a determined bird to get at them.

17 May, 2012


thanks Beattie, good advice :)
Yes owdb. i replanted them about 3 times-each time getting deeper! theyre up now though and bigger than the potted ones
thanks guys :)

17 May, 2012


On occasions we did have problems with greenfly getting at the leaves as they emerged, so I wonder if the birds in your garden are after any insects on them?

18 May, 2012


Yes maybe, i have a bird feeder but alway catch them pecking around everywhere but the feeder lol! but the gladdies are ok for now-will have to wait and see what the leaves attract when they grow! :)

19 May, 2012

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