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advice on very mossy lawn please!

my front lawn is mainly moss and weeds! im confused by all the methods and chemicals you can buy. it is shady AM but full sun PM. I really struggled with the mower the other day after i strimmed first. should i get something to sprinkle first and rake it out then stab it with a fork??
thanks all!! :)



There are products you can use which will kill the moss which you can then rake out, but it will leave the lawn looking a mess and if the conditions aren't improved, the moss will simply come back. Moss will only grow on poorly drained soil that is too damp, so cure those conditions and the moss will gradually disappear, and the grass will predominate. After the wet conditions this spring, it's perhaps not surprising that moss is doing well.
You should be able to improve conditions by spiking the lawn all over with a fork (very hard work) or by hiring a machine or implement that removes small cores of earth from the turf. You can then brush sand or fine grit into the holes created. There really aren't any short cuts to this.

28 May, 2012


thanks b.f i didnt think it would be easy! is the machine called a scarifier? :)

28 May, 2012


As Bertie said, plus as I think you know this it won't be easy!

This link with its related links at the foot of the page might help you;

BTW you wouldn't be the Leigh Leigh that works for KMC would you?

28 May, 2012


Hi Teegee, thank u i will take a look at your link, no i dont do anything til i start college in sept, tho i do live in kirklees if u mean k.met.council? are u close by? :)

29 May, 2012

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