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I am growing few vegetables first time this year, but I am very upset as most of them are eaten by slugs and snails, I can not beat them! I tried to grow them in greenhouse first in pots, still slugs are after them! I do not know what to do, I will not grow anything! Please help, I need some good methods on how to save my plants, at least few of them!

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Sorry, but what are you actually growing?

4 Jun, 2012


There is no quick fit answer to this and who ever finds one will make their fortune( assuming the PC brigade lets them)

The way I find that works best is prevention rather than cure and to do this I try and find out where they lurk during the day!

For instance I have a hedge in one part of my garden, an ivy covered wall in another and their is my 'grot' spot where I store my pots trays etc.

This is where my slugs & snails tend to lurk so what I do is put a line of slug pellets at the base of the hedge & ivy and at the edge of my grot spot nearest the garden.

Then what I find happens is; on their way out for their midnight feast on my seedlings they have to cross the line of pellets. Those that ignore the pellets on the way out may have a nibble on the way back so either way I get the majority of them.

Then because all the dead slugs & snails are laid out along my pellet line they are easy to clear up thus avoiding wildlife eating them.

Over the years the numbers have dropped because I have killed them before they have laid their eggs!

If I didn't know where they were lurking during the day then I would make a spot for them to lurk, for example; a plank of wood with one edge raised about half an inch above the soil to allow the molluscs access.

Check under this daily and remove the residents.

In my vegetable patch, particularly my brassica patch I place a ring of carbonate of lime ( the white floury type) rather than crushed limestone around each plant as I find the molluscs don't seem to cross it, plus the lime helps the brassicas.

See my allotment blog!, or planting brassicas on my website!

Note; This method should not be used on plants that need a more acid soil!

4 Jun, 2012


You did the right thing in starting them off in a green house as that gives them a fighting chance with slugs et al. Going out at night and squishing any is the best way of getting rid of them. I water only in the morning now as that means the soil is not damp and perfect for them over night.

It is my first serious attempt at growing veg as well. Not had too much damage so far...I mixed the peas with Onion sets to try and put the slugs off.

4 Jun, 2012


Thank you all! Somebody told me to sprinkle with cooking salt, not sure about this and also use small containers with beer?
I am, growing beans, pumpkins, broccolies, beetroots, carrots, sweetcorn , peas, sunflowers, herbs and lettuce.

4 Jun, 2012


The sprinkling with salt means;

You put the salt on the slug not the soil.

Plus you don't want to be using too much salt on the soil as this may affect the soil and nutrient take up!

I agree with Km re- watering, but to tell you the truth, if your soil is well prepared you shouldn't need to water after the plants get established.

I prefer to use a watering can to water with rather than a hose!

As I see it if I water all of the soil I have made the perfect skid pan for slugs and snails and you have watered the weeds as well!

I prefer to water each plant individually as then I know how much each one is getting i.e. some plants need more than other this is more difficult to do with a hose!

The other thing is; I never look behind me when pulling the hose along, and I often damage to other plants as the hose coils round them.

OK it takes longer when using a watering can, but I find it therapeutic, plus it allows me to glance at each plant and see if it is being attacked in any way ( pests & diseases)

If you think this is a bit OTT I'm afraid this method goes back to my exhibiting days and old habits die hard!

Looking at your list most of these are only really affected at the seedling stage, and as the plants begin to mature, I find slugs & snails are less of a problem, but then!! have got to look out for the flyers, and these are not easy to control either and often do more damage!

4 Jun, 2012


Find a sweep who will bring you the soot his wife wont allow him to take home !
Keep it six months, as its too hot to use straight away.
Then sprinkle on the garden.
Bye bye Sluggies !

5 Jun, 2012


As i mentioned last year, I drink loads of black well sugared tea. I usually only ever drink half a cup, leave it somewhere in the garden, then later make another cup and so on.
By accident, ie, when i'd run out of cups, it was time to search the garden for them and in every cup i found loads of slugs ready to be squashed.
So that is my "natural" remedy.

5 Jun, 2012

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