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Another plant for you to ID please!
A friend has had this in her garden for about 10 years she says and has never known its name. She has threatened to put it on the compost heap - but I have suggested I take it on instead but although I feel I SHOULD recognise it - I can't find it in any of my books.
It is not a thug she assures me - as it has not taken over the area it is in and the flowers are curiously "brown". Having spent a long time with my nose in my many books last evening - I am sure that one of you will put us on the right track instantly today and spare us any more time and effort....LOL
Many thanks in anticipation anyway!!

Silu_s_plant_cimg2407 Silu_s_plant_2_cimg2408



It could be a euphorbia - I know not which one but someone will.

5 Jun, 2012


Hi C.....;>>)) Thanks for that sugg - It could indeed be one of the more unusual euphorbias as quite a few have "brown" floret/bracts.....I will have a hunt!

5 Jun, 2012


we have those in our horse field, they have made quite a big clump, dont know what they are though,and they have not spread anywere else in the field

5 Jun, 2012


Now then Jenfren - isn't that strange.....this plant is growing in the garden of somebody else who has kept horses for ages! However the plant was bought from a plant sale apparently about ten years ago and although it is thriving - like your one - it doesn't spread!

5 Jun, 2012


Just had an email suggesting this euphorbia.....does it fit your description Jenfren....

"EUPHORBIA MARTINII - First rate hardy shrub. Inflorescence has pronounced reddish-brown eye. Main display in spring but can flower any when. Yellow flowers with black/red eye early May. Ht 60cm/2'."

Not so sure about my chum's plant.....awaiting reply!!

5 Jun, 2012


My chum reliably informs me this is NOT a euphorbia - no white sap!!!
Back to the drawing board then folks!
Interestingly she adds that the leaves are now adopting a "brown" hue as though to match the aforementioned "brown" flowers. Not sure if that helps - but any suggs would be very welcome!!!

7 Jun, 2012


Now then folks - here is the answer to my query!
It is I am reliably informed NOT a euphorbia - well we had kinda sussed that - but it is...wait for it....
available in seed form from Chiltern seeds etc and related to the Astrantia family of Umbelliferae

....and I have to say - I had not heard the name before.
PHEW - so glad to solve the problem - not my doing i have to say - but happy to hand on the knowledge!!
Thanks again for all you suggs Folks.

11 Jun, 2012

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