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Here is the blue phalanopsis, the colour was developed in Florida.




Interesting, not sure I actually like the colour to be honest.

5 Jun, 2012


Not a colour I would like for an Orchid seems a bit false.

But yes a stunning shade of blue .

5 Jun, 2012


This months WHICH ? gardening magazine, page 5. It's been injected with a blue dye and is not a true bred colour.

Repeat, it's NOT a true species and the nearest thing you'll get to a blue orchid is a blue Vanda...which are very hard to grow.

5 Jun, 2012


I saw these in a garden centre locally and they look really false. They are like the blue chrysanths which had been put in blue dye.

5 Jun, 2012


Reminds me of those dyed Heathers, not my cup of tea at all.

5 Jun, 2012


Thanks for that info Andy I did wonder if they weren't just dyed as the colour certainly does not look natural. Wonder why there is this obsession to produce something so unreal looking. Drc agree died heathers give me the creeps!

5 Jun, 2012


Totally agree moon grower. However, yellow petunias are lovely and i absolutely adore pink/red delphiniums. They just shouldn't be bred full stop !!!!

5 Jun, 2012


Have seen these and was told it was a dye. Have got both blue and pink vandas have had them for several years and dont find them hard to grow at all. They flower at least once every year, and one now has a baby, that i am going to take off when its a bit bigger. Will post photos when they flower, one is in bud now. Have also got oncidium butterfly which flowers well & continualy,will put photos on a blog

5 Jun, 2012


The picture was taken in Crest grocery store in Oklahoma City, OK USA. I am very sure they are dyed, that said they looked beautiful, luminous, not at all like nasty dyed 'mums or carnations, which are airbrushed most of the time over here. The only reason I posted the pic was because I saw people were asking what they looked like and I just so happened to have a picture, which was taken May 31. 2012.

6 Jun, 2012


Oh, and by the way man seems bent on changing everything, they crop/trim the ears and chop the tails of dogs, inbreed to create animals that can barely breathe, walk, et al, a whole other story; genetic manipulation of the food we eat, that worries me more, so the orchid dye job seems a little less painful in the big scheme of things. I say to each his own and for those who like them go for it and if you don't that's good too. I didn't buy one but will say they did look lovely and I am not easily swayed by crudely engineered colouring -- in this case whatever they did it was well done.

6 Jun, 2012


Nice of you to post the pic Kerryv - I never seem to have a camera on me when most needed. It is interesting what man will do to alter nature in this world - not always for the best.

6 Jun, 2012


I was glad to post the pic, I thought it would give a really clear vision of what the orchids look like for those who haven't seen them in their enhanced sapphire blue.

Yes, sadly, man is the master manipulator



7 Jun, 2012

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