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shaded patio area what climbers?

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have a space about 6 foot wide between the house and the shed. i am looking for something to cover the fence and the shed and possibly part of the wall of the house. i will be putting whatever i get into the ground as there is a small border, it gets no sunlight is constantly in the shade. i am thinging clamatis montana elizebeth. i think thats right the one with the dark foliage and hundreds of pink flowers and grows very quickly. and / or wisteria the blue one. adding trellis is not a problem. can these be grown in shaded areas and close to the house. is it a case of me having to pick one or the other or will they grow ok together?




What about climbing Hydrangea????....It likes the shade....

9 May, 2009


im new to this plants lark lol so hadnt even considered thatplant. just looked it upomn google and looks stunning so is being addedto a short list.wouldnt even need trellis with that so easy for me too.thanks

9 May, 2009


Another option is euonymus - evergreen foliage and self-clinging. 'Silver Queen' is a great choice or 'Emerald Gaiety'. C.montana is very vigorous and climbing hydrangea takes several years to get going and then rushes up to 20 feet

9 May, 2009


Not wisteria, this needs sun. Euonymus is good, or how about a large leaved ivy, Dentata Variegate or Sulpher Heart both of which can be kept in check by pruning and will give you great cover. Or a Pyracantha . Are you bothered whether its evergreen or not ?

9 May, 2009


dont mind if its not evergreen. dont want ivy though as i have it in the garden already. was looking for something with nice pretty flowers on

9 May, 2009


Pyracantha ive just looked up on google and looks pretty. are the berrys safe from the dog though?

9 May, 2009


I've never heard of dogs eating the berries. Mine certainly dont. Birds love them tho.

9 May, 2009


thats great just wondered lol. thanks for that. its been added to my short list.

9 May, 2009


thanks to everyone for the help. i have purchased an evergreen clematis avalanche and a clematis montana warwickshire rose. cant wait for them to grow

10 May, 2009

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