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thank you for your help with the shady patio space

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

it looks so much better . i have added a clematis montana warwickshire rose, a clamatis and a rose bush. have added a couple of carnations just to fill in the spaces untill it grows a bit. added trellis up the wall fence and shed. have had to trellis off the front like a gate as the dog has already took a liking to one of the plants and has snapped a branch so blocked off till plant a little stronger. effective but cheap way to screaen of an area ( £1.29 from home bargains)




this should keep you in the pink for the summer. :o)
could i suggest that you gently untie the clematis from its canes [the green tape] and loosly tie them to your trellis with soft string/twine. it will spread out better and grow and cover more trellis. Do you know what the other clematis and rose colours will be?

11 May, 2009


will go and do that now. the first clamatis is pink the other white and the rose is a bluish lilac colur

11 May, 2009


have just removed tapes from the clematis and it looks better already. thank you.

11 May, 2009


That looks really lovely. :o)
It doesn't even look shady any more, either.

Super job there. :o)

I think I may have to visit home bargains tomorrow. I'm sure we've got one in Boston but I've never been, lol.

11 May, 2009


glad they are looking better. I forgot to do it to one years ago and it got all mildewy as a result. :o)

11 May, 2009


definatly recommend home bargains. the trellis cost me £1.99 for the larger ones and £1.29 for the smaller. in wilkos the smaller was £2.99 a huge difference. its amazing how a few plants brighten the place up.

definatly look better now been seperated from the canes. thank you seaburngirl. maybe one day i will have enough knowledge to help someone in my position

11 May, 2009

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