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Greenhouse Bubble Wrap?


By Char

Bucks, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know where in the UK i can get greenhouse, uv stable, bubble wrap from thats 6ft wide? I've tried looking on the internet but either the wrong size or packaging bubble wrap comes up, can anyone help me?



Have you a garden centre near you Char? i know ours sells it.

13 May, 2009


You can also buy it mail order, or from Homebase or B & Q etc.

13 May, 2009


a local firm that supplies packaging the companies supplied me with mine.

13 May, 2009


none of the garden centres near us sell the right size, i've tried B &Q, homebase but cant seem to find the right stuff, we have tried using packaging bubble wrap but its pretty useless as it disintergrates with the year we put this special uv bubble wrap on our other greenhouse an its lasted about 15years! but the company we got it from have stopped selling it.

14 May, 2009


Try Harrod Horticultural or 2 Wests and Elliott, mail order.

14 May, 2009

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