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I am new to gardening and have recently bought and planted a mock orange (about 50cm tall). However, the buds are not opening and are dropping off. Some seem to have a feint brown tinge to them. Any idea what is causing the problem - rain? and any suggested remedies.
Grateful for any advice received

On plant Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus Mock Orange



many of the buds on mine have done the same. and I suspect rain as there is no obvious damage from insects etc. Not alot you can do really. it wont affcet the future of the plant.
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17 Jun, 2012


I think it is just the weather we have all been having. If there had been 2 weeks of good sunshine they would have opened.

17 Jun, 2012


I know they are not keen on their 'feet' being too wet, so maybe it needs to be in a better drained area? I had one that looked very poorly for 2-3 years because of this, moved it and it has never looked back! Good luck with yours cos they are so pretty and have a lovely perfume too :))

18 Jun, 2012


Thanks Pam24 for your advice

19 Jun, 2012

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