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Tree IDCould someone please id this small tree for me

west sussex, United Kingdom

Tree ID

Could someone please id this small tree for me. It's been growing for the past 3 years and not got any bigger. I didn't plant it and I can't see one anywhere else in the vicinity. Its the one with the pinky leaves on it.



Looks like Field Maple.

19 Jun, 2012


Thank you - I think you could be right - we do have fields across the road or a bird could have deposited it.

19 Jun, 2012


I was thinking that it was a gift from the birds. I bought 20 of Field Maples last year to make a hedge, so getting one for free is great. As you will have seen, they have wonderful autumn colours.

19 Jun, 2012


Its quite tiny but I will try to keep it even though its on a slopy rockery bit. I'd love a hedge of it but we have good old privet which we inherited.

19 Jun, 2012


You might want to reconsider changing it for an more attractive dwarf Acer. That field maple looks lovely now, but it will suddenly shoot up, what you can't see is how the root is going down and settling in. once established it will be very hard to remove the whole root and therefore the chance of re growing.

20 Jun, 2012

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