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Can you plant a Cordyline in a pot in the ground to stop it getting taller?

Australia Au

Hi all, i want to plant a red star cordyline in the ground but I don't want it getting taller than around 1.5m. So was thinking that perhaps planting in a plastic pot to contain it's growth and then planting that in the ground can achieve this?

Does this make sense or will it just outgrow the pot and keep getting bigger?




I suspect it wouldn't be all that happy in a pot longterm. They don't cast a lot of shade once taller but if you really need to keep it to that height I wonder if a coloured phormium might suit you better for a spiky-leaved effect. There are some cultivars which are dwarfing compared to the 8ft high ones. Red Star isn't supposed to grow all that tall anyway compared with the green ones, but what nurseries say tends to vary a bit. Mine must be about 1.5 tall and grows only slowly in the shallow soil but my parents one, planted in much better ground is about 2m by now.

18 May, 2009


It's more likely to stay smaller if kept in a pot, but maybe you'll just have to replace it with another one when it is too big.

18 May, 2009

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