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hardy fuchsia pruned in spring

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

i have two young hardy fuchsias which i pruned back this spring, as i had neglected them last year because i was busy moving house. there isnt any sign of growth yet and i was wondering if it will flower late, or not until next year, or have i killed it???



Try rubbing your finger on stem and if it shows green on stem ,its still alive.

6 Jun, 2009


That's what I do if I'm not sure if a branch or plant is dead or alive, Just scratch a tiny bit of bark up, if it is green the plant is alive if it comes up brown, it's dead.

The test can be used on any woody plant with skin or bark you can scrape away with a fingernail.

Hardy Fuchsias will often sprout from below ground level. So if the branches above soil level appear dead, try scraping away a little soil & repeating the exercise before giving the plants up for dead.

6 Jun, 2009


How far back did you prune them?

Ground level, in which case I think you should have seen growth by now, or lightly so there are still leaves on the plant in which case, they may be late to flower. Only one of mine has buds on at the mo.

6 Jun, 2009


thanks guys,

they had died, im afraid. im not good at this gardening lark!

i had pruned them right back, just to let you know...

11 Jul, 2009

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