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Hi every one, i planted potatoes a while back, ive got 5 20ft rows all a foot apart, when i planted them i earthed them up then as apposed to doing it as the alms grow my only problem is that there growing nicely but for some reason half of them seem to be leaning over but this only started or seems to happen when it rains or is being watered, is there something wrong with them or is it just because of the rain?



Did you only earth them up the once? When you planted them?

They should be earthed up quite a few times as the haulms grow and then when you have quite a mound, let the leaves develop.

Mine are in big bags but were earthed up about 6 times.

It could be that there's too much stem and so the rain knocks them over, yes.

6 Jun, 2009


oh i understand that your supposed to earth them up regularly to protect from the sun but then in theory the farmer plant them and earth the up at the same time, i earth up the front because they get no cover from the sun but the other i thought would be protected by the foliage,that said ill get back asap and earth them up as it might help them stand up better,thanks for your help

7 Jun, 2009

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