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A windmill driven water pump?

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My allotment is approximately 100 feet long and 18 feet wide. It slopes approximately 12 degrees. The water trough is at the bottom (typical!) I do have a water butt at the top and the middle, but in dry weather these become depleted rather quickly. My thought was to build a windmill-driven water pump to take water from the bottom, transport to the top, and then using gravity and slope, irrigate the allotment.



we have a similar problem with my brothers,we have about six water butts filled via the gutter and then three in the veg patch but then we just fill them using a syphon system, we connected a tap to the bottom of one water butt which we just plug the hose in and let it trickle down until the butts are full,good luck with the windmill,if you do achieve desired effect any chance you could send me the plans lol, what if you connect the windmill to a sprinkler,therefore no need for gravity or slope just move it around allotment and the windmill will do all the hard work, a like the idea a lot,good luck

7 Jun, 2009

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