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Please suggest a ground cover with flowers or a perennial flower that survives in full shade--absolutely no sun--and only grows about 6-8" high. Thanks.



You might look at Geranium Macrorrhyizum Bevans variety GM Spessart and Pindus. They are hardy, tolerate dry shade well. The one I have just taken up and thrown out, after a good ten years, slowly spreading to 3 feet across. Had good leaves. Not very pretty pink flowers. Does not root deeply, as do some geraniums, and thrived in near complete dry shade under trees.....Google Plants for Shade for varieties and pictures.....I am aware you are in USA....welcome to GOY. I intend to replant with shade tolerant Heucheras and prettier geraniums.

23 Jul, 2012


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on S and then Shade Plants and there are lots there.

I use hardy macrorrhizum geraniums a lot in such areas. They are virtually evergreen too and are good at keeping the weeds down

23 Jul, 2012


Thank you!

24 Jul, 2012

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