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Taller perennials such as Phlox, Monarda, Echinops and Helenium always look very bare and unhealthy at the base of the plants.
Is this their natural growth habit or is it because of the wet weather we are experiencing?
Can healthier growth at the base of the plant be encouraged through mulching or feeding?
I've added a picture of what I am trying to describe - it does look rather wet - it was just after a heavy rain/hail shower.
Any tips and advice much appreciated - probably a silly question to some of you but it's been really bugging me for ages now :)) Cheers




this is their natural growth habit. I grow shorter perennials /annuals infront to hide these bare bits.

30 Aug, 2012


My heleniums are like that too Scottish, thanks for asking the question. Everything is so battered in my garden this year, I have just gave up on it.

30 Aug, 2012


Thanks SBG. There are smaller plants around them but at least I know is the plants and not me :)
Marion was actually just thinking about your heliniums as I was asking the question. I'm really scunnered too. Always next year though!
I always feel silly asking these kind of questions. It's taken me whole week to post this. It's good that we are both learning :)))

30 Aug, 2012


My heliniums came out lovely Scottish, so my initial worries were premature and I have learned to be a bit more patient:) Unfortunately I did not have enough sturdy supports and all the rain just made them bedraggled so instead of buying new plants next year I am going to invest in some proper plant supports....

31 Aug, 2012


Good idea - they do need rather sturdy supports!

1 Sep, 2012

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