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Marrigolds !.


Hi Guys . Need some advice . What is the best way to start off French / African Marrigolds off from seeds ?. I started some seeds , last week . But the compost I bought looks rubbish . Do I use trays , or put the seeds in single pots ??.. Please help . Thanks .

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iI usually put 2 seeds in a 24 cell tray insert. keep in a propagator and moist. if both germinate i will separate them when they have 4 leaves.

26 Feb, 2010


I leave sowing until next month and sow in cell as Seaburngirl but usually 12's -15's depending on the size of the plant, cover with a ventilated lid and bubble plastic if its a cold night ( unheated greenhouse) I don't split them but plant out the cell in its flowering position ( usually pots & tubs)
You don't say why the compst looks rubbish if it tooks white/mouldy maybe its still too cold & damp,

27 Feb, 2010

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